Hell on Wheels renewed for Fourth Season!

This just in:

AMC Renews ‘Hell on Wheels’ for Fourth Season

The Western was moved to Saturdays in season three under new showrunner John Wirth and will expand to 13 episodes and return to the slot in summer 2014

More on AMC

That’s fantastic news! Now keep your fingers crossed that Declan Toole will return to Hell on Wheels, because it’s highly likely he’ll bring Damian O’Hare along (that aside, we all want to know whatever happened to Baby Jane Rose!)

2 Responses to “Hell on Wheels renewed for Fourth Season!”

  1. Great news!!!!! And bring Declan and Rose back!!!!

    • I so hope this will happen! Good to know I’m not the only one crossing fingers. 😉 I really want to know what will happen to Rose; just writing her (and Declan) out of the story never to be seen again wouldn’t make much sense. Eva loves her, I doubt she can just move on and forget she ever had a baby!

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