The Royal: 7.7: “Home From The Hill”


“As the staff come to terms with the recent tragic events, new ambulance driver Bobby makes a dramatic entrance. Marian finds herself a partner for the gig by Alun’s band – but the evening ends in chaos when a fire breaks out at the overcrowded club. Up on the moors, a shooting incident leaves Ormerod and Bobby in danger and the mountain rescue team is called out to an elderly lady lying wounded outside her decaying farmhouse. Guest starring former Coronation Street star Sean Wilson”

For a spoiler-packed preview with pictures, please go here.

Fire! Fighting! Flirting! Sounds like many of the parties I’ve been to…

If you prefer your previews to come with additional snark, this is the place to go. Come on, admit it already that you’re a huge fan, taping every episode, Alison.

😉 Heh.

2 Responses to “The Royal: 7.7: “Home From The Hill””

  1. She is a huge fan! You just know that anyone who can point out the flaws and call them ‘adorable’ and ‘lovable’ wouldn’t miss an episode if you paid her.

    I love the header! It’s not available for icon making is it?

  2. I love her previews. She seems to take the series in the same spirit that we do. That makes… 15 of us now, yes? Woof.

    Please iconise away! The font is Arial, btw. (Chicago, the original iPod font, is not available for free download, unfortunately)

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