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The Happy Birthday Picture Spam

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Just in time for his 39th birthday I’ve managed to track down the NCIS episode “Dead Letter”. So Damian O’Hare gets cake, you get pictures. Good day for everybody!




If… Cloning could cure us – Gallery Online

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Back in 2004, the BBC aired the “If…” series, which dealt with a couple of “what if” scenarios like “If… Drugs were legal” or “If… We stopped giving aid to Africa”. There was even one episode called “If… TV goes down the tube”.  If!

In one of his early TV appearances, Damian O’Hare played Andrew Holland in the “If… Cloning could cure us” episode. After falling off a cliff, Andrew can’t walk anymore. A doctor tries to heal him by using stem cells from Andrew’s cloned cells. However, the clones are 19 days old and the legal limit is 14, so everybody ends up in court because 19 day old cell clumps are more important than an already living person.

Anyway, ten years later, I finally managed to get a hold of this episode, and so the O’Hare bingo card is now complete: there are now screencaps of all of Damian’s TV and movie roles available on the website!

Click the picture to get to the gallery. Please keep in mind that this is the copy of a copy of a copy of a video recorded ten years ago. The quality is not stellar, but I hope you’ll enjoy it, anyway.

Damian O'Hare as Andrew Holland

2013 in review

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Here are WordPress’s yearly statistics. Their helper monkeys aren’t working very accurately, though, as neither encrypted searches through Google nor visits by people who have cookies disabled are counted. That’s a couple of thousand visitors, but it will give you an idea. These are the stats for the blog only, btw., not for the website. Unofficial Damian O’Hare had ~50’000 visitors in 2013.

Btw. we start into 2014 with a new feature – NO MORE ADS! Yes, I’m sure you’ll miss them as much as I do…

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Screencaps: Damian O’Hare in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, “In Vino Veritas”

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Click here for the screencaps of Damian in this show.


Please meet Jonah Drake, wine collector and plastic surgeon.


… plastic surgeon!?

Well. A job with benefits, I guess.




If you live in the USA, you can watch the episode online on CBS here. It’s also available for download on iTunes.



Happy Birthday to us! Party with us and help School Kids getting a decent Breakfast!

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On 12 August 2012, it will be five years that we provide the world with information on Irish actor Damian O’Hare’s work. Which just goes to show that ideas conceived at 3am after a pub crawl don’t necessarily have to be bad (though we’re glad we didn’t go for calling the site “D’Oh!”)

Running such a website is only fun if the fans to go with it don’t take things seriously, and luckily, that’s the case with Thanks a lot to all of you who contributed to the website, for mailing news, making screencaps and all the silly discussions.
(I still think “Dr. Burnett carrying kittens in a basket to safety from a burning house while single-handedly rescuing  30 girlscouts/nuns/vicars from a bus stuck in a ditch” would have made an awesome episode for “The Royal”!)

Thanks also to Damian O’Hare; we’d never made it to five years if he’d decided to drop acting and become a plumber. The people who “discovered” him in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies continued to follow his work all through the years, from The Royal to Taking the Flak to Hatfields & McCoys. If you manage to get and keep such a loyal fanbase, you know you’re good at what you’re doing.

So – party! We won’t share the cake, but we want to share the food: to celebrate five years of, we’ve set up a fundraising site over at for “Magic Breakfast”, a charity which provides a decent breakfast for some of those 700,000 children who arrive at school too hungry to learn every day. All you have to do is click the button below, get more information and, if you feel like and can afford it, share a quid or two.  Your donation will make the wee ones happy, it will make the charity happy and it will make us happy. And happy Webgnomes are a very good thing!

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


Thanks so much for your generosity, and to the next five years!

Your friendly neighbourhood Webgnome xx

PS: As usual, the person responsible for this charity drive is the Webgnome; Damian O’Hare is not involved with this in any way, form or shape. Have complaints? Then mail us.

Updated: Gallery for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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49 screencaps of Damian O’Hare as Lt. Gillette in “Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides”. As Gillette spends most of his limited time in the company of Groves, fans of Greg Ellis will hopefully also find a couple of caps to like.

As always, please feel free to use the caps, credit isn’t necessary, just please don’t hotlink. Cheers!


Damian O’Hare: Various Updates

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While the holiday-laundry is gently doing its spins in the washing machine, I have time for a quick update:

I’ve updated the list of reviews for Double Feature. The shows saw their last performances on Saturday, so there won’t be any further updates to that entry.

I’ve added a small gallery for Double Feature.

Now that Double Feature is over – would you like the benches as a souvenir? Or maybe the bar from The Swan?

Not quite finished with Double Feature yet – there will be a contest later this week in connection with the plays.

The Scottish Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has been released on DVD and Blu-ray. Coming to your local  DVD-by-Mail-Service very soon.

In completely different news, Kitaky has sent in fanart: “The Royal meets My Little Pony”. Looks like Dr. Burnett was really deciding his departure on a hoof…!


Posted in website with tags , on 31 August, 2011 by ambarussa

I’ve updated the Double Feature review list and will complete it upon my return. While I’m away getting mushy over seal pups and scaring lugworms, you can easily find the latest news by clicking on the links below (filtered):

Damian O’Hare @ google

Double Feature @ google

Double Feature @ twitter

Paintframe @ twitter

Until I’m back,

comments will stay screened unless you’ve commented here before,

mails won’t be read or answered.

Please remember to put “Damian O’Hare” in the subject line of your mail if you should wish to send me confirmed news or report wonkiness on the website (thanks in advance for that, I appreciate the help). Please send mail to webgnome   at only.

Naff mail will be deleted and the sender blocked.

Have fun – I know I will!


Gallery: Damian O’Hare in “The Bill” (2003)

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This is old enough to go on the Antiques Roadshow… Damian’s first appearance as shady  Kieran Thompson in “The Bill”, in a double episode back in 2003. The show was recorded on VHS and half of it was missing. I tried my best to improve the quality of the caps, but alas…

THE BILL (2003)

POTC 4: The first official trailer is online (and Damian O’Hare is in it!)

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This promises to be great fun:

I’ve updated the “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” gallery on the website and added a couple of screencaps from the trailer. As you can tell, Mr. Gillette got himself a new wig! (Yes, I’m aware that this information is not as exciting as mermaids.)

Just click the picture to get to the gallery:

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