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Catching up with a few loose ends here.

The Hatfields & McCoys

History Channel has not yet confirmed a date for this mini series. The documentary on the real Hatfields and McCoys which will come with the series has not been finished yet; the grape vine says that we can expect to see the two families feuding in the first half of 2012.

I’ve set up a page for Hatfields and McCoys on the website; not much content there yet, though.

Ultimate Force – “Killing of a one-eyed Bookie”

One of Damian’s earliest TV appearances is now available on HULU. It’s only available to people in the USA.

The Broken

Sky Movies Sci-fi & Horror HD is currently showing The Broken almost daily.


Tonight: Ultimate Force – “Killing of a One-Eyed Bookie”

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I made a mistake when I last updated the calendar and put this under the wrong date. Sorry about that, the episode is on tonight.

Damian O’Hare as Sean Weir

Sun, 14.03.2010, 09.00pm, ITV4, “The Killing of a One-Eyed Bookie”

Damian O'Hare as Sean Weir in "Ultimate Force: Killing of a One-Eyed Bookie"

“Jamie, while impersonating politician Bill Gracey, is dramatically ambushed and kidnapped by terrorists in Northern Ireland. Against orders, Henno and Pete ensue chase.”

More “Taking the Flak” Reviews / TV Tip

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“Taking the Flak” seems to be the BBC’s residential Marmite: love it or hate it. For the audience, looking at the conflicting reviews can be confusing:

John Preston, for example, really, really hates the show:

“(…) As well as being unfunny in a kind of sky-darkening way, it’s eerily unlikeable. (…)”

War reporter John Simpson, on the other hand, really, really loves it – in the same paper:

“(…) Good comedy is always sharp and painful, and this is television comedy at its best. (…)”

“(…) I couldn’t fault this comedy. Indeed, it was the best satire on journalism since Drop The Dead Donkey and the first time the BBC has been truly honest about the way news is put together. (…)”

“(…) A highly promising beginning… (…)”

“(…) What this should have been was hard satire. What it was was racist farce. (…)”


Tonight we’ll see if there’s any reason to continue watching The Royal, or if Nick and Marian have been written out of the show. I’ll keep you posted. No Damian, no screencaps, though.


Ultimate Force: “Killing of a one-eyed Bookie”

ITV4 will air one of Damian’s earliest and still finest performances on the small screen. Make sure to catch him as Sean Weir in “Killing of a One-Eyed Bookie” (2002) on Tuesday, 14 July, 9pm.


Damian O'Hare as Sean Weir in the "Ultimate Force" episode "Killing of a One-Eyed Bookie".

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