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The Happy Birthday Picture Spam

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Just in time for his 39th birthday I’ve managed to track down the NCIS episode “Dead Letter”. So Damian O’Hare gets cake, you get pictures. Good day for everybody!




Damian O’Hare in NCIS: Dead Letters

Posted in ncis, tv with tags , on 24 April, 2016 by ambarussa

And again a chance of catching two or three glimpses of Damian:

NCIS: Dead Letters
CBS, Tuesday, 10 May, 2016, 8pm

This will be the first part of the two part finale of season 13.

The NCIS team, alongside the FBI and MI6, continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who has left one colleague fighting for their life in ICU.

Damian will play “Former NCIS Special Agent Allen Kane”. Hopefully that’s not the bloke stuck in ICU…


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