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Win one “Double Feature” (Edgar & Annabel / The Swan)

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Good news for all those who didn’t get to see the “Double Feature” plays at the NT Paintframe and would like to read Damian O’Hare’s lines as Miller in “Edgar & Annabel”: There Is A Book! Or rather, there are two.

Vol. 1 contains Sam Holcroft’s “Edgar & Annabel” and D.C. Moore’s “The Swan”; vol. 2 Prasanna Puwanarajah’s “Nightwatchman” and Tom Basden’s “There Is A War”.

Just click on the pictures below to enter the shop of the National Theatre where you can read the synopses and buy each book for £ 9.90.


There Is A Contest – you can win one copy of vol. 1, “Edgar & Annabel” / “The Swan”, which, without a doubt, will give you interesting ideas on how to spruce up your next karaoke party (don’t ask).

All you have to do to win the book is answering the following question:

What was the name of the character Damian O’Hare played in “Edgar & Annabel”?

A) Miller

B) Foster

C) Carlsberg

Ah, life is full of difficult decisions… just drop me a line on

webgnome    @

with the correct answer. Deadline is 21st September at noon GMT, the contest is open worldwide,  the winner will be drawn and no correspondence will be held over the run or outcome of the contest.

Good luck!

Damian O’Hare: Various Updates

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While the holiday-laundry is gently doing its spins in the washing machine, I have time for a quick update:

I’ve updated the list of reviews for Double Feature. The shows saw their last performances on Saturday, so there won’t be any further updates to that entry.

I’ve added a small gallery for Double Feature.

Now that Double Feature is over – would you like the benches as a souvenir? Or maybe the bar from The Swan?

Not quite finished with Double Feature yet – there will be a contest later this week in connection with the plays.

The Scottish Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has been released on DVD and Blu-ray. Coming to your local  DVD-by-Mail-Service very soon.

In completely different news, Kitaky has sent in fanart: “The Royal meets My Little Pony”. Looks like Dr. Burnett was really deciding his departure on a hoof…!

Review: Double Feature 1 and 2 (Edgar & Annabel / The Swan, Nightwatchman / There Is A War)

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Reviewed performances: Saturday, 13 August 2011
(Four hours on the Paintframe’s “cushioned benches” – I sure suffered for art!)

The Paintframe at the National Theatre is the place where the set decorations are made, but it’s now home to “Double Feature” while it lasts. Pots of paint, ladders and tools are everywhere, reminders of the creative spirits that are usually at work in the hangar. With “Double Feature”, creativity has moved into creativity, and Soutra Gilmour’s amazing set designs have turned The Paintframe into a Russian nesting doll of art.

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Production photographs from “There Is A War”

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You can now have a look at some pictures from “There Is A War”, part of “Double Feature 2”. Damian O’Hare is playing Luke.

The Paintframe looks absolutely fantastic!

How  those old garde frontière uniforms ended up at the National Theatre is a bit of a mystery, though…


Production photographs from “Edgar and Annabel”

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First pictures are up on the National Theatre’s “Double Feature” website.


The review post for both “Double Features” is


and it will be updated with comments /reviews as they come. Please keep in mind that the audience is currently commenting on the previews.

Reviews “Double Feature”, National Theatre Paintframe

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You’ll find all reviews (or at least the ones I could find) for “Double Feature” in this entry. The list will be updated as reviews come.


Double Feature 1: “Edgar and Annabel” / “The Swan”

Double Feature 2: “Nightwatchman” / “There Is A War”


Interview: The NT’s exciting new Double Feature writers @ Run Riot!

The Paintframe: National Service @ The Independent

Interview with the “Double Feature” playwrights @

The National Theatre goes pop-up @ The Guardian


12 September 2011

zuberino @ twitter: Edgar and Annabel

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John Nathan @ Theater News Online: Double Feature 1

On “Edgar and Annabel”: (…) an example of get-in-quick and get-out-fast-drama, the kind that is over before you have time to ask awkward questions about the nuts and bolts of a story.

Ferdinand Kingsley @ twitter: Double Feature 2

Theo Bosanquet @ Whatsonstage: Double Feature 2

The air in the cavernous Paintframe is free from the stench of history that hangs heavy in the air of the Olivier, Lyttelton and Cottesloe.

Theo Bosanquet @ twitter: Double Feature 2

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Clare Nichols @ twitter: Double Feature 2  /  cont.

Julie Mayhew @ twitter: Double Feature 1

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“Double Feature” – Official Website

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“Double Feature” at the National Theatre Paintframe has its own website now:

DOUBLE FEATURE (link fixed)

Information, rehearsal pictures, trailer and more. Watch The Paintframe being transformed for “Double Feature”!

In case you’re wondering: my guess is fifth from left, but I could be wrong – I don’t own a microscope.

Win Tickets for “Double Feature” at the National Theatre, Paintframe

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Exeunt Magazine is running a contest; you can win tickets for the upcoming “Double Feature” at the NT Paintframe.


Double Feature @ National Theatre (The Paintframe) – book your tickets now!

Posted in double feature, theatre with tags , , , on 20 June, 2011 by ambarussa

Ticket sales for the general public will start tomorrow. However, I strongly suggest you subscribe to the NT newsletter, then you can book your tickets today. The shows are in great demand; looks like some of the dates are close to being sold-out to priority and advanced members of the National Theatre.


Also, please be aware that you’ll be seated on “cushioned benches”. If you should have trouble with your back or have specific seating needs, it might be better to call the Box Office on 020 7452 3000 first before booking your tickets.

Double Feature at the National Theatre, London: Ticket Sales

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Booking opens for this event as follows:

Supporting Cast: open
Priority Members: 9 June
Advance Members: 13 June
NT News subscribers: 20 June
General Public: 21 June

For prices, please see

“Double Feature” @ National Theatre

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