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Ready – steady – grow!

Despite my unchanged aversion to facial hair of all kind – means: hate! – I fully support this cause. If I were a bloke, I’d go and grow, but alas… but you can be Mo Bros to my Mo Sista, guys!

Read all about it

And of course here are some inspirations for you:



Don’t forget to shave it all off again come December… 😛

I’m supporting Movember for my dad who beat cancer, and for H.R., who’s in the middle of his fight.

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“The Royal” ITV3 Re-run Dates / New Charity

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Here are the dates for the re-runs of the first eight episodes of series 7 of “The Royal” (the ones featuring Damian O’Hare as Dr. Nick Burnett) on ITV3. I have no news regarding programming during the holidays yet, but I’ll let you know about the re-runs of episodes 9 – 12 as soon as possible.

Wed 12 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/1   Against All Odds
Thu 13 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/2   On the Road
Fri 14 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/3   Blood’s Thicker Than Water
Mon 17 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/4   Slings and Arrows
Tue 18 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/5   To Love and to Lose
Wed 19 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/6   Stolen Dreams
Thu 20 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/7   Home from the Hill
Fri 21 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/8   Pastures New


After five years of supporting HeroRats, it was time for a change (no worries, the heroic rodents will continue to be supported, but privately). Our new charity of choice is

Magic Breakfast!

They deliver free, healthy breakfast foods to UK primary schools with more than 50% free school meals. In each one of those schools, children start the day too hungry to learn, and a hungry child is often unable to concentrate in class. Magic Breakfast provides a healthy breakfast to 6,000 children each morning, as essential fuel for learning. This improves child attendance, punctuality, concentration and behaviour. All for just 22p a day.

I’ve been involved with social work for a long time, and used to work in an institution for male teenagers with “behavioural issues”. I met 15 years olds who never had a decent breakfast in their lives. Every child fed by Magic Breakfast is a child who gets a chance – to learn, to grow, to thrive, to dream. And for every child who has that chance, there’s one teenager less who hasn’t.

Thanks to the generosity of Damian’s fans, we already managed to drum up £ 220 for Magic Breakfast.

The next target is £ 500; if you’d like to help us getting there, you can learn more and donate by clicking on the button below:

Usual disclaimer: this is the charity of choice of the Webgnome running this site.

In completely different news: the sidebar of the blog has been changed; I hope it’s less cluttered and easier to navigate now. It should make browsing on mobile devices easier.

Happy Birthday to us! Party with us and help School Kids getting a decent Breakfast!

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On 12 August 2012, it will be five years that we provide the world with information on Irish actor Damian O’Hare’s work. Which just goes to show that ideas conceived at 3am after a pub crawl don’t necessarily have to be bad (though we’re glad we didn’t go for calling the site “D’Oh!”)

Running such a website is only fun if the fans to go with it don’t take things seriously, and luckily, that’s the case with Thanks a lot to all of you who contributed to the website, for mailing news, making screencaps and all the silly discussions.
(I still think “Dr. Burnett carrying kittens in a basket to safety from a burning house while single-handedly rescuing  30 girlscouts/nuns/vicars from a bus stuck in a ditch” would have made an awesome episode for “The Royal”!)

Thanks also to Damian O’Hare; we’d never made it to five years if he’d decided to drop acting and become a plumber. The people who “discovered” him in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies continued to follow his work all through the years, from The Royal to Taking the Flak to Hatfields & McCoys. If you manage to get and keep such a loyal fanbase, you know you’re good at what you’re doing.

So – party! We won’t share the cake, but we want to share the food: to celebrate five years of, we’ve set up a fundraising site over at for “Magic Breakfast”, a charity which provides a decent breakfast for some of those 700,000 children who arrive at school too hungry to learn every day. All you have to do is click the button below, get more information and, if you feel like and can afford it, share a quid or two.  Your donation will make the wee ones happy, it will make the charity happy and it will make us happy. And happy Webgnomes are a very good thing!

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


Thanks so much for your generosity, and to the next five years!

Your friendly neighbourhood Webgnome xx

PS: As usual, the person responsible for this charity drive is the Webgnome; Damian O’Hare is not involved with this in any way, form or shape. Have complaints? Then mail us.

Happy Holidays – and a Charity Appeal

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Usual disclaimer: this is the charity of choice of the webmaster.

There have been several offers all through 2009 by fans of Damian O’Hare to support this website financially. Thanks again for your generosity, but the site really doesn’t cost much (remember: we bought it at IKEA).

However, if you should have some money to spare, I’d be very grateful if you’d send a quid or two the way of


We live in a society that’s surrounding children either with paranoid overcaution or hostility born out of fear. We’re all quick to lament neglected children, but drag our feet when it comes to prevent or stop neglect and abuse. That goes for the government, but also for each of us personally. Because we are the relatives and neighbours who should notice.

If parents, for whatever reasons, neglect their children, we have to take action – before the next “WHY?” headline in the tabloids. As long as we ignore the problem, neglect will happen. So please – don’t look away. Thank you.


“Taking the Flak”/Charity: DVD signed by Tira Shubart up on ebay

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Desperate finding the perfect Christmas present?

Look no further and bid on a “Taking the Flak” DVD which has been signed by Tira Shubart, co-creator, co-writer and co-producer of the show. Not only will you get a great DVD, you’ll also support a good cause:

This lot is being sold as part of Save the Rhino’s 15th Birthday online auction; Hornucopia.  SAVE THE RHINO fundraises for the conservation of endangered species of rhinoceros by supporting community and education programmes in key wildlife habitats in Africa and Asia.


Gallery updates and news from Allan the Herorat

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I’m currently adding and switching the galleries, and while I’ve tripple-checked everything, it’s still possible that you might stumble over dead links. I hope everything will be fixed by next week. I noticed that links in the navigation bar are missing on some pages; I’ll correct those as soon as I’ll find the time.

The biggest addition is the new



where you can find pictures from some of the stage productions Damian O’Hare’s been in. Check out the one for “The Countess” – the scanner’s fixed and there are proper scans from the programme now.

Then there are new galleries for Taking the Flak, The Broken and promotional headshots, plus additional pictures in the Fractured gallery. Och, just have a look at it yerselves:


And now for something completely different…

Allan, the Herorat “adopted” by this website, sends his greetings from rainy Tanzania (they’re approaching winter now).  His training in REST (Remote Explosive Scent Tracing) is coming along very well. They continue to research the optimal and least optimal soil conditions, moisture content,  and various concentrations of TNT to see the perimeters if he and his colleagues can detect TNT. Looks like he finds it interesting to have different concentrations of TNT and different types of soil to work with every day!

Through the work with these samples, Allan and his colleagues provide important data to find the best working conditions for rat detection technology, and it will help to figure out in which weather conditions, locations and scenarios they are most effective.

Allan’s trainers John and Abdullah keep telling him that he’s becoming stronger and stronger at clearly indicating samples of dirt that contain TNT. Go, rat, go!


One of the trainers with Allan

If you’d like to support Herorats as well, or maybe even adopt one of the four-pawed heroes, please go here.

Usual disclaimer: “Hero Rats” is the charity of choice of the webgnome running the website, not of Damian O’Hare.

“Taking the Flak”: This is the BBC

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Thanks to reader “Geoff” for this article. There’s no source, but after googling “FWS” and “Tanzania”, I found the organisation where it seems to originate from. It’s


an “(…) Australian, not-for-profit, non-denominational, non-governmental organisation that builds and runs eco-friendly children’s villages with education, social and health facilities for children in developing countries. (…)”

They probably feel the credit crunch like most other charities, so if you have a few quid spare, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a bit of support.

Welcome to another round of “where is Damian”…


“The Royal” probably not to start on 5 October / Letter from Tanzania

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50 points off Gryffindor for hogging the 7 pm – 10 pm time slot on ITV I, Sunday, 5 October! As ITV 1 will show “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, the second half of The Royal’s 7th season might start a week later than rumoured, on Sunday, 12 October.

“Of course I lied to them! Do you think they’d offered me this job if I’d told them that my real name is Nicholas Weasley?!”

We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we’ve received news from Tanzania about Allan, the Herorat we’ve adopted.

Allan is doing very well! He’s a REST (Remote explosives scent tracing) herorat, and at the moment involved with a number of different experiments. The first is a concentrations experiment to see at what level the rats can detect TNT. The second is a soil experiment, to understand better how a range of soils (10 different types) impact their ability to smell the TNT, and what precautions have to be taken in each of these soil types. The third is an automation experiment to see how automating the training process could help the training methods to become even more efficient.

The GICHD (Geneva International Conference On Humanitarian Demining) is partnering with APOPO (the organisation behind the Herorats project) as they see the value and the impact it will have on humanitarian
demining efforts in Africa.

How Allan got his name

Linda, one of the rat-trainers in Tanzania, told us how Allan got his name:

“(…) I am a Rodent Trainer in Apopo… I love Rats because they help us in demining.

That day when one of my fellow colleges came to me for a help of naming his Rat it was 3 months since I gave birth to my Son Allan, so I decide to name one of his rat my son name, because it was Male and Female rat, the other Rat I name Samira. Name of one of my friends daughter.

From that day I start to follow those that Allan Rat his development in every stage of his training. He is a good and intelligent rat, I love that rat one because he got my son Name and second its just happen I love rat and not only that one but all the rat.

Sometimes when I walk on the street and found a rat died on the road I feel pain its come natural and think if that rat where at Apopo I could train and shall help us and other people who suffer from the landmines. (…)”


Well, if you’d like to support Herorats as well, or maybe even adopt one of the four-pawed heroes, please go here.


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