And they are *still* arguing over Effie…

Following this article, the Daily Fail has more speculation on offer.

Did legal battle block premiere of Emma Thompson’s period drama Effie Gray?

In 2005, Damian O’Hare played John Everett Millais in “The Countess”, so while have no idea who ripped off whom here, I seize the opportunity to post a “Countess” picture.


Alison Pargeter and Damian O’Hare in “The Countess”


“I love the immediacy of theatre,” he [Damian] enthuses. “Hearing the gasp of the audience and really feeling the language is simply amazing. The writing is a million times better than most television dramas.”

Well there’s no doubt this Belfast actor will be hearing several gasps from the audience in London’s Criterion Theatre where he’ll be making history all over again.”

(Snippet from an interview for  the “Irish Abroad” newsletter by Grainne McLoughlin, 2005)


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