Q&A with Dohn Norwood (Psalms)

Dohn Norwood, who plays Psalms on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, talks about his real-life relationship with Common and the fight scene he kept going between takes.


Q: What was it like to shoot the scene where Psalms beats up Declan Toole?

A: Damian [O’Hare] is a great actor and when he came in, he was solid. He had been watching the show, and he was just so tight, it allowed me to really really focus… As a person, he’s a funny and lovable guy, but his character was so stimulating because he was such a nemesis… There was also a scene we did together where we’re arguing in the saloon and we kept it going between takes. We’d argue and yell things back and forth and it really kept everyone in it.


2 Responses to “Q&A with Dohn Norwood (Psalms)”

  1. Great interview! This makes me love Psalms/Dohn even more! I’m so happy he’s a cast regular. He’s a great actor and his scenes are always so powerful to me. The most powerful scenes this season have been with him and Declan Toole. Great, intense acting on both of their parts.

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