Gallery: Damian O’Hare as Declan Toole in “Hell On Wheels”, Episode “The Game”

Now that’s what I call a cliffhanger. And judging by the preview, “Searchers” will not be an overly pleasant episode for Mr Toole.
As characters played by Damian O’Hare end up dead in 40% of cases, we have good reason to be a wee bit worried about his fate…

The gallery for episode 4 of Hell on Wheels, “The Game”, is now online:


This week’s “quote of the day” is coming yet again from; read their full review here.

It’s a credit to the handsome Damian O’Hare that his ominous scene as Declan Toole with the raw Eva edged on swoon-worthy romance, and provided just enough “What if?”-style sympathy to support her debating whether or not going with him would be the right thing to do. She’s a great character whose own earned standards dictate how she feels, and it’s completely believable that with the pressures of a community she hopes to join, she’d recognize Mr. Toole’s care as something to be valued enough to feel guilt over.

And what has the internet to say about Damian O’Hare / Declan Toole? (courtesy Twitter and the AMC boards)


To the following, however, I can only say “no no no, the hell the no!”


No beards. Beards bad. Razor good.

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