Gallery: Damian O’Hare as Declan Toole in “Hell On Wheels”, Episode “Range War”

Declan Toole made his first appearance, and quite an entrance it was!

The gallery for episode 3 of Hell on Wheels, “Range War”, is now online:

Damian O'Hare as Declan Toole

TV.COM has posted a very in-depth review of this episode. Quote:

What does Elam care that Toole’s brother Declan (Damian O’Hare, who played Dr. Nick Burnett in The Royal) has come to father Eva’s baby out of an Irish tradition? By the way, thank goodness for this storyline—such a smart repercussion of Toole’s suicide and a great way to inject Elam and Eva’s relationship with the type of man-to-man conflict that does super well on Hell on Wheels. ’Twas a fine standoff in Mickey’s bar, and Declan’s blackjack introduction was pure entertainment. Hmm, he’s from New York, doesn’t drink, and knows how to spot a pickpocket? Looks like some big city cop vs. railroad cop action might be on the horizon. 

Eva didn’t look too enthusiastic about Sir Galahad from New York, but we’ll have to wait for next week’s episode “The Game” to learn more.

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