Damian O’Hare in Hell on Wheels and The Royal

Not at the same time, though that would make a fun episode.

ITV4 has picked up “Hell on Wheels” and is currently running the first series of the show on 10pm on Tuesdays. This is the perfect way to catch up with the story until the start of series three, which will premier on AMC on Saturday, August 10, 9|8c. It’s a rather darkish Western Drama and far more realistic than what’s usually running under that label. I’m not much of a Western fan myself, but if you enjoy that genre or gritty history drama, I can really recommend the show. Good story, solid acting, high standard of production.

And yes, Damian O’Hare will be on the show. I know he isn’t listed anywhere. I didn’t make it up, just give it time. I’m sure we’ll get an update, latest for the premiere of season 4. 5. Whatever.

ITV4 will rerun series 7 of The Royal starting on 12th July, 2.45pm. Don’t miss Damian O’Hare as Dr Nick Burnett, saving Brownies, lost kittens and girls in bikinis nurses in distress!


“Trust me, I’m The Doctor!”


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