New Biography of Damian O’Hare, plus some Information on this Website

Damian’s biography got a little lengthy. I’ve done a bit of rewriting, and the new version is now online:


The German translation is still in the works, sorry about that.

I’ve also added a new gallery, where you can find pictures of Damian’s “public appearances” (all two of them!)



I have no information regarding the character Damian plays yet. I’ll keep you posted as soon as the show updates their cast list.


So, and now for the website. This is in reply to a couple of mails/suggestions I’ve received in the last months and haven’t replied to yet. My apologies for the delay, but you raised some questions I had to think through first.

Please understand that Unofficial Damian O’Hare is not a “professional” website because this is not my job. It’s something fun I do in my spare time. The sole purpose of the website is to give you information on Damian O’Hare the actor. There will be no Facebook (I loathe it) and no personal information, and that’s how it will stay. You can always set up your own sites and tumblrs and whatnot, or maybe one day Damian O’Hare will have his own official website. But this “Geocities ca. 1998” website will stay as it is.

Thanks for respecting my stance. Don’t make me add dancing hampsters.

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