“The Royal” ITV3 Re-run Dates / New Charity

Here are the dates for the re-runs of the first eight episodes of series 7 of “The Royal” (the ones featuring Damian O’Hare as Dr. Nick Burnett) on ITV3. I have no news regarding programming during the holidays yet, but I’ll let you know about the re-runs of episodes 9 – 12 as soon as possible.

Wed 12 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/1   Against All Odds
Thu 13 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/2   On the Road
Fri 14 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/3   Blood’s Thicker Than Water
Mon 17 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/4   Slings and Arrows
Tue 18 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/5   To Love and to Lose
Wed 19 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/6   Stolen Dreams
Thu 20 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/7   Home from the Hill
Fri 21 December, 2012, 2.20pm 7/8   Pastures New


After five years of supporting HeroRats, it was time for a change (no worries, the heroic rodents will continue to be supported, but privately). Our new charity of choice is

Magic Breakfast!

They deliver free, healthy breakfast foods to UK primary schools with more than 50% free school meals. In each one of those schools, children start the day too hungry to learn, and a hungry child is often unable to concentrate in class. Magic Breakfast provides a healthy breakfast to 6,000 children each morning, as essential fuel for learning. This improves child attendance, punctuality, concentration and behaviour. All for just 22p a day.

I’ve been involved with social work for a long time, and used to work in an institution for male teenagers with “behavioural issues”. I met 15 years olds who never had a decent breakfast in their lives. Every child fed by Magic Breakfast is a child who gets a chance – to learn, to grow, to thrive, to dream. And for every child who has that chance, there’s one teenager less who hasn’t.

Thanks to the generosity of Damian’s fans, we already managed to drum up £ 220 for Magic Breakfast.

The next target is £ 500; if you’d like to help us getting there, you can learn more and donate by clicking on the button below:

Usual disclaimer: this is the charity of choice of the Webgnome running this site.

In completely different news: the sidebar of the blog has been changed; I hope it’s less cluttered and easier to navigate now. It should make browsing on mobile devices easier.

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