New(ish) Promo Picture of Damian O’Hare / “Hatfields & McCoys” DVD Release

“New” as in “just turned up”; I think it’s from last year?

Damian O’Hare

In other news: the “Hatfields & McCoys” DVD/Blu-ray is now available; however, it’s Region 1. No news yet on when we can expect the Region 2 DVD. The complete series and Damian O’Hare as Ellison Hatfield aside, you’ll also get some extras: a 30 minute “making of” featurette and the “I Know These Hills” music video, featuring Costner and his Modern West band.

And as you’re already here, why not helping us to meet our target for our 5th anniversary “Magic Breakfast” charity drive? Up to 700,000 children arrive at school too hungry to learn every day. Magic Breakfast works with primary schools across the UK with the aim to make sure every child has access to the right fuel for learning to reach their full potential.

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