Hatfields & McCoys: Breaking all Records

I expected “Hatfields & McCoys” to do well, but this? An average of 13.8 million viewers, 14.3 millions for the third and final part!

Ratings over at IMDB are currently at 8.3. Some critics don’t seem to agree with that, but I think it’s justified. I’m actually rather baffled by people complaining about bad language, gore and violence – what did they expect a family feud to be? People pillow-fighting in the woods?

Anyway, if you’ve missed this epic family saga, you can still catch up on the History website; all three episodes are available online (alas only to people in the USA).

For a good review with some analysis of the audience demographics, please go here: Los Angeles Times. According to them, an unexpected high number of women tuned in for “Hatfields & McCoys”; 45% rather than the for History usual 30%. I have no idea why that might be…

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