Screencaps: Hatfields & McCoys, Part 2, Damian O’Hare as Ellison Hatfield

Good news first: “Hatfields & McCoys” broke all records and is now, with 13.9 million viewers and an estimated bazillion of downloads the “#1 non-sports telecast in ad supported cable television history”! Congratulations, well deserved!

And judging by the stats, there’s a lot of interest in “actor ellison hatfield”. An audience with an excellent taste, if I may say so… which leads us to the tweet of the day:

But on to Part II:

As a golden rule, what starts well…

…absolutely never, ever ends well.


Poor Cotton Top, I feel for him. He’s now all alone and the only character left on the show that I don’t want to strangle through the screen or club over the head with a carton of Ribena. And considering how he’ll end, I’m not sure I’ll stick around…

But at least we have screencaps to console ourselves!

The “Hatfields & McCoy” DVD will be out in July, and you can pre-order it here. Please remember that this is NTSC format; unfortunately, I have no idea when/if the DVD will become available over here in Europe. I’ll keep you posted.

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