Ambarussa now optimised for Pears

By now, 60% of the traffic on the website is coming through smartphones, tablets, Wii and other gadgets. The website, however, isn’t optimised for these tools; I don’t surf by phone and see the site just fine on my laptop. I was sort of an egotist that way. Sorry!

The main targets for optimised surfing on the website are first-time users who just want to know who Damian O’Hare is. They look up the name, read the biography, have a look at movies, tv,  theatre, and then they are on their merry way again.

To make things easier for them, there’s now a version of Unofficial Damian O’Hare available which is optimised for mobile phones. It’s a skeleton site without any frills and only very few pictures, containing just the basic facts: biography, tv, movies, theatre, voice acting, interviews, DVDs, links, contact. Eventually, individual information on the various shows and plays will be added.

You can access “Mobilerussa” here:

or by clicking on the following logo which has been added to the main site:

The mobile version of the site is only available in English. The blog here on wordpress is already optimised for mobile surfing (you’ve probably noticed).

If you should find that something isn’t working, please let me know.

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