Hatfields & McCoys: New Videos and Character Biographies

New videos and biographies of the various characters are now available at the Hatfields & McCoys page over at History.com.

Your starting point to dive into the family history of the two feuding clans and watch some footage of Damian O’Hare as Ellison Hatfield in the process is


Due to the wonders of Flash it’s not possible to give you direct links, so here’s what to do:

You’re asked to pick a side: pick “Hatfields”. Click on “Ellison” to read the character biography.

“Devil Anse’s youngest brother Ellison is large and powerful and functions as a family peacemaker until tragedy strikes.”

Close the window and click on “Cotton Top Mounts”, and you can watch a video showing some footage of the show and interview bits with actor Noel Fisher. Cotton Top Mounts is the illegitimate son of Ellison Hatfield, so here’s where you can see Damian.

Cotton Top seems to be kind, innocent and he likes bunny rabbits, so by the logic of TV, he’ll very likely meet a cruel end.

*checks wikipedia*


For those of you who can’t get the video to work, here are some screencaps.


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