contest before the contest

apologies for lack of capitalisation. i’m currently one hand short of a  full set.

the traditional ambarussa yuletide contest will be announced on 6th december. but here is a contest before the contest for you:

one of the kind souls who provide me with tv schedules has sent me a riddle, and i don’t have a clue. two bags of marks and spencers butterscotch mints are at stake for me, so if you should have a clue what the following “news item” is about, please drop me a line. i promise choccies.

“Official news but you must guess:


talking about stakes: this better not have anything to do with twilight. don’t make me summon spike.

edit: riddle (mostly) solved! special thanks to tamara, chocolate is on its way!

more about this as soon as there is an official source.

2 Responses to “contest before the contest”

  1. No idea at all, but it sounds very scary interesting.

    • my fears that he’d turn up as a surprise guest in twilight were luckily unfounded. a potc fan who’s also a huge admirer of kevin costner (“dance with werewolves”- heh!) mailed that kevin is currently filming a western series in romania and that one of the twilight vampires has also been casted. there’s no information on damian anywhere, though. but who knows? a western would be very neat.

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