TV: “Foyle’s War – Among The Few” repeat on ITV3

Here’s your chance to catch one of Damian O’Hare’s early TV appearances!

ITV3 will repeat the episode “Among The Few” of “Foyle’s War” on Saturday, 22 October, 9pm.

Damian O'Hare as Sean Halloran and Lisa Kay as Connie Dewar in "Foyle's War - Among The Few"

Foyle uncovers a black market gasoline racket. Two of the girls working at the local depot are seeing Andrew and his best friend from the unit. Sam goes undercover at the depot, but when one of the girls is found murdered, Andrew becomes a suspect.

Damian plays “Sean O’Halloran, an Irish fuel worker who tries to charm all the ladies but has a darker, more dangerous edge. He would think nothing of roughing up a woman to get what he wanted. Suspected IRA links but thankfully his bomb making skills this time are about as successful as his charm.”

2 Responses to “TV: “Foyle’s War – Among The Few” repeat on ITV3”

  1. Sylvia Gurinsky Says:

    Actually, that’s Lisa Kay as Connie Dewar, who also guest-starred in the episode (not Honeysuckle Weeks as Foyle’s driver, Samantha Stewart).

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