Win one “Double Feature” (Edgar & Annabel / The Swan)

Good news for all those who didn’t get to see the “Double Feature” plays at the NT Paintframe and would like to read Damian O’Hare’s lines as Miller in “Edgar & Annabel”: There Is A Book! Or rather, there are two.

Vol. 1 contains Sam Holcroft’s “Edgar & Annabel” and D.C. Moore’s “The Swan”; vol. 2 Prasanna Puwanarajah’s “Nightwatchman” and Tom Basden’s “There Is A War”.

Just click on the pictures below to enter the shop of the National Theatre where you can read the synopses and buy each book for £ 9.90.


There Is A Contest – you can win one copy of vol. 1, “Edgar & Annabel” / “The Swan”, which, without a doubt, will give you interesting ideas on how to spruce up your next karaoke party (don’t ask).

All you have to do to win the book is answering the following question:

What was the name of the character Damian O’Hare played in “Edgar & Annabel”?

A) Miller

B) Foster

C) Carlsberg

Ah, life is full of difficult decisions… just drop me a line on

webgnome    @

with the correct answer. Deadline is 21st September at noon GMT, the contest is open worldwide,  the winner will be drawn and no correspondence will be held over the run or outcome of the contest.

Good luck!

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