Only three days to go…

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” will hit theatres worldwide this week, and I know that many fans have marked 20 May in their calendars. I secured myself a ticket for the pre-première on Wednesday, and will report back.

Talking about premières: I received a couple of mails from fans who attended the big do at Disneyland on 7 May and were disappointed because Damian wasn’t there. Some complained that I’d been spreading “incorrect information” (only they did so in less polite terms…)

Folks, I got an official mail from Disney with a list of the guests who were supposed to walk the black carpet, and I shared the news. To quote myself:

Mail from Disney (it looks official, but as always: caveat lector; information may always be subject to change):

I try my best to post only information which is a) confirmed and b) public. Until there’s an official source, any information is treated as a rumour. And when it comes to an event at Disneyland, you can’t get a more official source than Disney! But things happen, people change plans, c’est la vie and such is business. In any case it’s nothing I could control or influence, so please, return the forks to the tool sheds and put out the torches. Cheers.

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