Win Damian O’Hare’s Autograph: Don’t forget the Deadline!

While I sit here waiting for the results of “Spray-on Snow Frost” on the windows of my living room (so far, they look as if they were covered in hairspray, but I haven’t given up hope yet), I might as well remind you that

the deadline for the


is 30th November, 2010, midnight GMT.

You still have the chance to win an original autograph of Damian O’Hare and a selection of chocolate.

Damographic Evidence

Just click the link above for information.

Good luck!

4 Responses to “Win Damian O’Hare’s Autograph: Don’t forget the Deadline!”

  1. Kayleigh O'Hare Says:

    Does Damian have a fan address? I found one on Google and am going to send a letter away with an image for him to sign, but I don’t know if it’s the right one? xx

  2. Kayleigh O'Hare Says:

    Wish The Royal, Taking the Flak and Northern Lights were still showing in 2011 😦 Can’t find any full episodes on YouTube 😥 Love you Damian, you are a true inspiration to me ❤ xx

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