Lego-Damian: “Pirates of the Caribbean – the Lego Movie”

Media fans are often very dedicated to their hobby, and many of them are amazingly creative. That’s a great thing, because it means we all get more mileage out of a movie or a TV show. And if you’ve ever suffered through “The Phantom Menace”, you’ve learned to appreciate the quality of fan movies.

Philippe Vergauwen is the name of one such fan, and he’s worked 1.5 years on the Lego-version of “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” (the first half of the movie, that is). And while he skipped some key scenes, he did include Lt. Gillette, so you can now all enjoy the Lego-version of Damian O’Hare.

Oddly enough, Gillette starts out as a marine, and the Admiralty would probably not have approved of stubbles and moustache, but eh, Commodore Norrington isn’t a good role model there, so we’ll let it slip.

Mr. Gillette has a mid-scene uniform change on his way to the Dauntless, but it looks like he’s lost his razor. Maybe Lt. Wilkinson could have helped him out there.

We all know that this won’t end well for our hero…

In summary: this is was great fun, compliments to Philippe and thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately, all videos have been deleted by the user.

Whether this was his own decision or yet another case of some jobsworth seeing copyright infringment where there was none, I can’t tell. Still, it was fun while it lasted…

2 Responses to “Lego-Damian: “Pirates of the Caribbean – the Lego Movie””

  1. why did you delete the lego movies becaus they are really cool

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