Damian O’Hare in “The Royal”: Re-runs on TV3 (Ireland)

The last three episodes of “The Royal” with Damian O’Hare as Dr. Nick Burnett are currently repeated on TV3, Ireland.

Sun, 06.06.2010, 08.15am, TV3 – “In The Air”

Sun, 12.06.2010, 08.15am, TV3  – “The Best Of Intentions”

Sun, 19.06.2010, 08.15am, TV3  – “Compromising Positions”

It’s one for the early birds, I guess. 08.15am on a Sunday morning, you won’t find me in front of the tube! But it’s a great opportunity to catch up with the episodes if you’ve missed them the first time ’round.

Answering two FAQ here:

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