“Taking the Flak” goes Down Under: Damian O’Hare on Australian TV

I’m interrupting my daily scheduled snow-shoveling to remind you that “Taking the Flak”, the BBC’s dramedy will start its run on Australian telly today. The show will be aired on Thursdays, 10pm, on ABC2.

Taking the Flak on ABC

Damian won’t show up before episode three, but that’s no reason for missing the start of the series; it’s really good.

“(…) Sharp, witty, political and relatively fresh, so of course it’s on at matchsticks-holding-eyelids-open time. Programming genius. (…)”

“(…) It’s 100-mile-a-minute comedy with a witty script and fantastically funny British and Kenyan actors. (…)”

Damian O'Hare as Rory Wallace and Doon Mackichan as Jane Thomason in "Taking the Flak"

You can find the schedule for “Taking the Flak” and other TV series / movies Damian’s been in in the


section of this blog. The listings are not complete (solely based on google alert), though.

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