Happy Holidays – and a Charity Appeal

Usual disclaimer: this is the charity of choice of the webmaster.

There have been several offers all through 2009 by fans of Damian O’Hare to support this website financially. Thanks again for your generosity, but the site really doesn’t cost much (remember: we bought it at IKEA).

However, if you should have some money to spare, I’d be very grateful if you’d send a quid or two the way of


We live in a society that’s surrounding children either with paranoid overcaution or hostility born out of fear. We’re all quick to lament neglected children, but drag our feet when it comes to prevent or stop neglect and abuse. That goes for the government, but also for each of us personally. Because we are the relatives and neighbours who should notice.

If parents, for whatever reasons, neglect their children, we have to take action – before the next “WHY?” headline in the tabloids. As long as we ignore the problem, neglect will happen. So please – don’t look away. Thank you.


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