“Taking the Flak”: Bad News >:-(

The BBC has decided not to produce a second series of “Taking the Flak”.

This just in from the Official Taking the Flak Facebook:

“(…) Hello Flak fans…sad news I’m afraid…the BBC has decided that there will not be a Series Two of Flak. Too bad as we loved making Flak and had exciting plans for the next set of adventures for our intrepid team. (…)”

Major disappointment and grumpiness here and elsewhere!

Thanks a lot to everybody who worked so hard to give us “Taking the Flak”; it was a neat series with unusual, lovable characters and great potential.

If you’d like to leave a “thank you” note to those involved with the production, you can do so on their Facebook.

"I think they are fans - they have torches and pitchforks and sixpacks of cider."

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