“The Grapes of Wrath”: review(s) of performance at The King’s Theatre in Edinburgh

Updated as they come.

WHATSONSTAGE.COM (review by Rebecca Hale) *****

“(…) The performances of Tom (Damian O’Hare) and Ma Joad (Sorcha Cusack) are worthy of particular note. (…)”

“(…) This is a must see: there are few laughs and strangely for the subject matter, it is not a tear-jerker. However, watching this play is a humbling experience because it leaves the audience wondering how they would fare if they had a real-life role to play in this fictional, but too-true story. This is what Steinbeck intended. (…)”

LOTHIAN LIFE (review by Ros MacKenzie)

“(…) this powerful piece of theatre resonates in this time of new depression. (…)”

ONSTAGE SCOTLAND (review by Michael Cox)  ***

“(…) This is not to say that it is a bad production, because it isn’t.  The three hours do pass fairly quickly, and there are some rather good performances, notably from Oliver Cotton as the fallen Reverend Jim Casy, Sorcha Cusack as kind-hearted matriarch Ma Joad, Christopher Timothy as hard-working and honest Pa Joad and Damian O’Hare as the recently paroled and politically conscious son Tom. (…)”

THE SCOTSMAN (review by Susan Mansfield)

“(…) Last night a man in the audience gave us a standing ovation. He was an American whose grandfather was driven off his 300-acre farm in 1935 in return for $1. How relevant is that? What about the immigrants in this country who are being ripped off picking fruit now? Nothing changes, does it? (…)”

THE SCOTSMAN (review by Joyce McMillan) ****

“(…) And if the production never does quite enough to escape from its period, and overcome the resistance of those in the audience who seem more interested in the family’s vintage truck than in their human tragedy, it still tells this great story with directness and passion, for anyone who wants to hear it. (…)”

THE SCOTSMAN (review by Thom Dibdin)

“(…) A truly tragic and epic tale, told with just the right balance of realism and suggestion to entertain and leave you reeling at mankind’s worst instincts. (…)”

And because it’s the audience buying the tickets, not the critics:


“(…) The script was a clever mix of comedy and sadness. (…)”

“(…) This was my first play and it was very good. (…)”

“(…) It was absolutely brilliant. All the actors were extremely good. (…)”


“Grapes of Wrath at King’s Theatre – well-played and affecting. If full of wonky accents. Unless Steinbeck was writing about Manchester.” – emusiclove


Damian O'Hare as Tom Joad and Christopher Timothy as Pa Joad in "The Grapes of Wrath".

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