“The Grapes of Wrath”: review(s) of performance at New Wimbledon Theatre

Here’s a first review of last weekend’s performances of “The Grapes of Wrath” at New Wimbledon Theatre. I’ll update this post if there should be more.


“(…) Despite being superbly acted by the large English Touring Theatre cast, under the direction of Jonathan Church, the three hours of unremitting misery which it entails as the sad story of the Joad family unfolds is heavy duty stuff. (…)”

“(…) Damian O’Hare hit the right mood as Tom Joad, fresh out of jail and looking for a new life. (…)”

Someone suggested to look for reviews on Twitter. I did, and looking for “Grapes of Wrath” was a hoot: students winging about being forced to read the book (grapes of wrath is rly booooorin”), metal bands on tour, banned books, other students complaining about the ending (grossest ending ever!!!)  – and even some reviews!

Looking for information on twitter is more fun than google, no doubt (I’m dying a slow wine inflicted death. Grapes of wrath.” \o/ ) .

“(…) Fairly intense. (…)”

(…) Very moving. (…)

(…) Funny to watch Brits do American Oklahoma accents! (…)

(…) In the interval of marvellous production of The Grapes of Wrath at Wimbledon… (…)

(…) v focused story (no subplot to spk of) & sad! Good acting, rain & set. (…)

(…) could be a bit shorter, but gave good feel of epic journey across USA &portrayed massive courage of family. Recommended! (…)

(…) (play) was ‘meh’. Not engaging enough for me to truly enjoy. Hammy acting. Slow and tired storytelling. (…)

As I don’t know the netiquette for linking to Twitter posts, there aren’t any source links here. Should you be the author of any of those quotes and want a link back to your twitter (or have the quote removed), please leave a note. Commenting on this one post is enabled.

Then are two previews for the performance at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh



and the Theatre Royal in Plymouth:



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