“Taking the Flak”: Tira Shubart talks about the DVD extras


“(…) Our wonderful art department hired some delightful Tanzanian artists to paint portraits of our actors in various places in the city of Arusha. Margaret–played by Jo Brookes–could be seen on the back of a Dala Dala (a local bus) while David (Martin Jarvis) was painted on a wall near the market. Rory –Damian O’ Hare–was on the corner of a busy intersection, with camera at the ready. Jane–Doon’s character was above a shop on one of the busiest markets streets. (…)”


You can buy the “Taking the Flak” DVD with many prettiful extras HERE.

Have you read the “Flak” entries on the BBC’s comedy blog, by the way? If not,


  • Cameramen and War
  • Animals
  • Strictly Come Tribal Dancing
  • Red Button and Photos
  • Ruby Wax
  • The Red Button

Last but not least, here’s another DVD review; this time in French.


Here’s a (quick and probably not very accurate) translation of the summary at the end of the review for those who don’t speak French:

Therefore, Taking The Flak is not a memorable series, but it still offers something to satisfy the fans of the genre. There was a lot of potential in the beginning which remained unexploited; the show opted for a more futile and superficial approach. The result will pass the time. And that’s about it.

“(…) Taking The Flak n’est donc pas une série mémorable, mais offre tout de même de quoi satisfaire quelques adeptes du genre. Il y avait un bon potentiel au départ qui restera plutôt inexploité, le show optant pour une approche plus futile et superficielle. Résultat, ça fait passer le temps. Sans plus. (…)”

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