“Taking the Flak”, S01E07 – “Enter the Lion” – DO YOU WANT MORE?

Plot summary here:


Last episode… aw. So don’t miss it: tonight, 10pm, on BBC2!

“One Pizza Hawaii for me, a Quattro Stazione for Rory and a second season for the fans, please. No, no onions with that one.”


Damian O'Hare as Rory Wallace and Doon Mackichan as Jane Thomason in the BBC2's "Taking the Flak".

Do you want a second season? (Hint for the undecided: “Yes.”) Then please, let the people behind “Taking the Flak” know.


This leaves people without a facebook (yes, we exist) without a voice, but we’re cheering from the peanut gallery.

“Taking the Flak” was like an expensive five course meal served by the BBC on disposable plastic plates.Why the frell wasn’t there any promotion? Ads? Anything? Bueller? I can tell from the stats that people are looking for additional information. Not that I mind the extra traffic, but if somebody is looking for “doon mackichan interview taking the flak” then they should find an interview by Doon Mackichan about “Taking the Flak”! Jane is my favourite, closely followed by Joyful, Margaret and Rory. I don’t want to go all feminist on the BBC here, but hel-lo, you’d be surprised how many members of your audience appreciate smart, beautiful women on the small screen in leading roles who are not 18 years old, blonde or chasing after The Doctor.

I don’t think one can expect stellar ratings with UK-only trailers and nothing else, especially as the pilot of the series was a bit… ehr… awkward. There were some viewers who jumped ship after the first episode, and it would have been nice to see some efforts to win them back; they missed out on a fine series and could have pushed the ratings.

PS: Just in case that there should be a second season: we don’t want a new cameraman. The current one’s just fine, thank you.

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