“Taking the Flak”: DVD Release, Contest Deadline




For Harry Chambers (Bruce Mackinnon), the local BBC stringer in the fictional African nation of Karibu, a civil war after years of conflict could mean his big break. Unfortunately, the London newsroom parachutes in its own team under the command of the BBC’s egotistical foreign editor David Bradburn (Martin Jarvis), whose attitude would give any opera diva a run for her money. His long suffering producer Jane Thomason (Doon Mackichan) has the near impossible job of organising David, the cameramen Jack (Lloyd Owen) and Rory Wallace (Damian O’Hare), Margaret Hollis (Joanna Brookes) from the World Service, her own love-life and some friendly locals. Keeping all egos in check is not easy, and if only all would go according to plan, this might be the best story of their lives.

Harry finds it difficult to manage both his career and his relationship to sharp-tongued hotel receptionist Grace (Lydiah Gitachu). Luckily, he’s getting all possible support from local fixer Joyful Sifuri (Kobna Holdbrook-Smith), whose connections and cousins are invaluable.

Of course, there are a few minor obstacles in the way of fame and fortune: the desperately uninterested London desk producers; all-action American star reporter, Candida Colter; the BBC’s Brussels’ Correspondent who’s muscling in on their story, and the small matter of people shooting at you in a strange country! Will David’s famous BAFTA crouch save the day…?

Written and produced by experienced, award winning journalists (Tira Shubart, Jon Rolph, Paul Kerensa) and including cameo appearances from real BBC News anchors.

Starring Martin Jarvis, Doon Mackichan, Bruce Mackinnon, Joanna Brookes, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Damian O’Hare,  Lydiah Gitachu, Lucy Chalkley, Harry Lloyd and many others.

The DVD is already in stock, mine was actually dispatched by Amazon on 15 August.

Of course, there’s always the option of participating in our


and win the DVD (or a t-shirt).

Deadline is today, 17 August, 2009, 11pm GMT.

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