Taking the Flak: Screencaps S01E03, “Cursed Is The Country”

Behind the Flak photos of the location in Tanzania are now available on Flickr, courtesy the Flak-team:


Taking the Flak is getting better every week. If you missed the last episode, make sure you catch up with the show on

BBC iPlayer

As usual, not available outside of the UK. Don’t be sad; sooner or later, even the BBC will have to arrive in the 21st century.

Last but not least:

“If you should ever try that trick with the ginger root while I’m looking, your next job will be filming the mating rites of dung beetles!”

“I refuse to work for MTV.”


Doon Mackichan as Jane Thomason and Damian O'Hare as Rory Wallace in "Taking the Flak".

Screencaps for S01E03, “Cursed Is The Country”

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