“Taking the Flak”: Preview in the current issue of TV and Satellite Week

TV and Satellite Week runs a two-page spread of “Taking the Flak”, giving a short rundown of the plot and  introducing the characters.



Damian O'Hare as Rory Wallace in BBC2's new comedy "Taking the Flak." The cameraman's reputation in war coverage precedes him when he joins the team later in Karibu. To his right: Joanna Brookes as World Service reporter Margaret Hollis.

Seeing how he will “join the team later” it’s possible that Damian won’t be in the pilot, which was shot in Kenya (unlike the rest of the series, which was shot in Tanzania).
Can I be cynical here for a moment and ask why descriptions like “perennially single, and the foreign climate plays havoc with her toilet habits…” never apply for roles played by tall, leggy blondes?

For those of you who aren’t interested in “Taking the Flak” and ended up in this blog by accident: TV and Satellite Week also has a cover story featuring Torchwood.

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