“Taking the Flak”: two (p)reviews

BBC Radio 4: “Front Row” (audio – BBC iPlayer, also available outside of the UK)

The review by Kirsty Lang and Alex Thomson will give you an idea what to expect when tuning in to “Taking the Flak” on July 8. Overall, the review is positive, despite pointing out some lengths in the script. The portrayal of the characters is praised as being spot on and the way some serious issues (for example child soldiers) are dealt with works. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so please check the link for yourself.
Fictional war-shaken country “Karibu” is 38 times the size of Wales. Wales seems to be the mandatory surface measure for countries, just like time spans in documentaries are always measured in the number of minutes 27 piranhas need to skeletonise a cow.

Broadcast: “Taking the Flak”

We had tents for shade and atmospheric “bush toilets” under canvas for pit stops. But “Team Flak”, a unique blend of UK, Tanzanian and Kenyan artists and crew, had a supremely happy shoot. We hope viewers will enjoy the world of Taking the Flak as much as we did.

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