Re-coding of website to improve access for the visually impaired


You hopefully didn’t notice, but last week the website was hacked.

Some idiot created two subfolders (I didn’t bother to check the content) and tried to link them from the front page. Luckily, the host noticed immediately that something fishy was going on, sent me an email and we managed to delete the poxy code. There was at no time a risk for you to catch a virus while surfing the website, so no worries. It was very likely not a specific attack on Ambarussa, either, because other websites were targeted as well.

To be on the safe side, I’ll upload the complete website from a backup, and I’ll use this opportunity to re-code everything to improve the access for screenreaders for the visually impaired. Being the html dinosaur that I am, I originally used the <b> and <i> tags for bolding and italics. However, screenreaders struggle with these tags, and so I’ll switch to <strong> and <em> instead. This might also solve some of the issues Mac users reported (I know, I’m a hopeless optimist).

As a consequence, you might encounter the odd 404 Page of Doom during the next days. Thanks for your patience.

Edit: And I have no idea why this entry disappeared for a day. Off to change my passwords now…

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