“The Brøken”: DVD out in the UK, gallery online

“The Brøken” is now available on DVD in the UK as well. Click here if you’d like to buy this movie on Amazon UK.

If you start watching, doze off five minutes into the movie, wake up in the middle for a moment, fall asleep again and then wake up for the last five minutes, you won’t miss much of the action and none of Damian’s scenes. I found “The Brøken” to be as entertaining, surprising and terrifying as London on a rainy morning in October. Which is pretty much the feeling of the movie right from the start. Personally, I’d rate it with 2 1/2 stars, but this is coming from somebody who thinks “Godzilla vs. Biollante” is great cinema and owns the “Eight Legged Freaks” DVD, so…

The screencaps of the movie are up on the website now:

“The Brøken” Gallery


Damian O'Hare as Anthony in The Brøken

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