“Taking the Flak”: Tira Shubart about filming in Tanzania, series to start in July 2009

Tira Shubart has updated her blog about the filming of “Taking the Flak”. It’s aptly titled


The two large black spitting cobras were gingerly lifted from their enclosure and deposited very carefully in a secure container. Their handler wore fake designer sunglasses to protect his eyes from the cobras’ venomous spitting which generally precedes a much nastier and usually lethal bite. With the enclosure now snake-free, cameraman Pete Rowe manoeuvred into the empty cage to film a “snake eye’s view” of our actors. Welcome to the world of Taking the Flak, a comedy about journalists covering a war in a fictional African country.

“Taking the Flak” will be aired on BBC2, starting in July 2009. Damian O’Hare will play BBC cameraman Rory Wallace.

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