“Taking the Flak”: Tira Shubart

Real and fictional news – when two worlds collide…

“Creating a fictional civil war can be trickier than covering a real civil war.”

Tira Shubart

Tira Shubart

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Tira Shubart’s website (Taking The Flak  page). You can play “Spot-The-Damian” again…

“Taking the Flak” is a seven part series, with the pilot made in Kenya and the other episodes in Tanzania, due to the political unrest and violence following the elections in Kenya.

The internet is catching up with the BBC’s press release for their spring/summer programming. If I stumble over something interesting, I’ll post a link, but for full (and quicker) coverage, you may  use your GOOGLE-FU.

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