“Taking the Flak”: coming to your BBC2 this summer

The Beeb has now officially announced that “Taking the Flak” is scheduled for this summer on BBC.

Taking the Flak is a comedy drama about how journalists in war zones live in a state of perpetual danger not just from bombs but from disease, dysentery, bedbugs, bugged beds, their colleagues, their competitors and their loved ones, who are out of sight and out of mind. If they can’t get themselves embedded with the army, they’ll get embedded with each other.

And here’s a first official picture:


Damian O’Hare, Joanna Brookes, Martin Jarvis, Doon Mackichan, Bruce Mackinnon, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith a.o.
(Damian aside, the actors are very likely not pictured in that order. I admit I don’t know who’s who – sorry about that, I’m a televisionary challenged peasant.)

Guest stars include Mackenzie Crook , Ruby Wax and a number of well-known BBC newsreaders playing themselves.
(Ragetti, beware! Gillette’s got a camera!)

Click the picture of Damian O’Hare to see the BBC’s info sheet for “Taking the Flak” with additional information:

Damian O'Hare in the BBC's "Taking the Flak"

Damian O'Hare in the BBC's "Taking the Flak"

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