Listen to “Man of the Moment” online

And luckily, the BBC iPlayer is available outside of the UK as well. The episode will be available for another 6 days.

Saturday Play: “Man of the Moment” (aired on 11 April 2009, BBC Radio 4)

A career criminal, who has written an autobiography and is now a television celebrity, agrees to participate in a reality TV show filmed at his Mediterranean villa.

Jill Rillington – Lisa Dillon
Trudy Parks – Janie Dee
Douglas Beechey – Alex Jennings
Vic Parks – Tim Pigott-Smith
Kenny Collins – Damian O’Hare
Sharon – Ella Smith
Ruy – Alan Shearman
Floor Manager – Michael Simkins
David – John Baddeley
Film crew – Kenneth Danziger, Matthew Wolf
Children – Matilda and Alfie Wickham

Directed by Martin Jarvis

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