“The Royal” returns!

Looks like I’ve been too early wishing you a Happy Easter, and on top of that, I lost my bet… not that I mind, though!

“The Royal” – and Damian O’Hare as Dr. Nick Burnett – will return to your screens on 21 June – on ITV1, sponsored by “Welcome to Yorkshire” (that would be the former Yorkshire Tourist board).

“(…) Welcome to Yorkshire will sponsor the upcoming 9 x 60-minute series of Heartbeat and the 6 x 60-minute new season of The Royal in a bid to help draw tourists to the north of England.

It is the first time the tourism board, formerly known as the Yorkshire Tourism Board, has sponsored a television programme. (…)”

“(…) The Royal, which depicts the life and times of a 1960s hospital, set in the heart of its Yorkshire community, returns on 21 June. (…)”

According to the report, the deal includes broadcast sponsorship on ITV1, catch-up content, online and bumper ads for mobile phone content.

Finally an innovative tourist board. Neat!

Read more about it here!

Disclaimer: Headlines were created by MagMyPic. NOT me. :O)

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