“Taking the Flak”: Interview with Tira Shubart

The Arusha  Times published an extensive interview with Tira Shubart. She talks about her love for Arusha and the filming of “Taking the Flak”, the new TV series which will be aired on BBC2 later this year. Damian O’Hare will play “Rory Wallace”, a BBC cameraman.

When Arusha war ended, the British wept

by Valentine Marc Nkwame

“(…) The seven-part sitcom ends with the war being over and Karibu undergoing  “free and fair” elections.

Whatever the outcome, that is how an Arusha war ended but at the lobby of The Arusha Hotel the British cast shed tears; the producer explained, “They wept because Arusha people were so good to them and the thought of leaving the town pained them!”

Well, but will there be a sequel or maybe prequel? Tira isn’t ruling out the possibility, especially if the “flak” becomes a runaway success. (…)”

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