“The Royal” news catch-up, and an interview with Denis Lill (“Mr. Rose”)

BBC Radio Lancashire’s Ted Robbins (brother of Amy Robbins, Dr. Jill Weatherill on “The Royal”), did an interview with Denis Lill (pipe-smoking surgeon Mr. Rose on 24 February, 2oo9. The “resting” of “The Royal” was brought up in the conversation, and he confirmed that 8 series were made. Mr. Lill also mentioned they were all a bit “bruised” by the news.

You can listen to the five minute interview by clicking on the link below, which will forward you “The Royal” fansite:


They also mention the “Save the Royal” petition which has landed in my mailbox multiple times by now.


If you’d like to sign, this is the link:


Looking at the following news items, a “Save ITV” campaign might be coming up soon… we’ll know more by 4 March, which is the date when ITV will present its annual report. The following links might not be for the tl;dr crowd, but give them a try – very interesting read, especially the first article in “The Guardian”.

The Guardian: ITV delays airing single dramas in downturn

One reason ITV chooses to delay airing dramas it has already shot is that the cost of the commission is not officially accounted for on its balance sheet until a programme is aired, even though the money has been spent on the production.

The Guardian: Loss of ITV Leeds HQ would be a ‘killer blow’ to Yorkshire production

It is understood that ITV is looking at rationalising its network production in the north of England as part of a raft of cost-cutting measures, with executives questioning whether it needs its Leeds studios as well as its Manchester Quay Street site.

Times Online: ITV skips a beat as broker warns over dropping shows

ITV lost ¾p to 30¼p after UBS, its house broker, warned that the broadcaster was cutting its life blood by dropping new commissions for its flagship series such as Heartbeat, The Bill, Wire in the Blood and The Royal.

Yorkshire Evening Post: TV chief urged to rescue Heartbeat

However, many TV pundits fear Heartbeat and its sister soap The Royal, also shot locally, have already become casualties of falling ratings and the craze for reality shows.

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