Odds and Ends

DVD page update, dead “Titanic” link has been fixed

Various page update and correction of order

Dead link to “The Royal” gallery S07E06 has been fixed

Biography update

Dead “news” links all through the page have (finally…) been fixed

Still hunting the java bug crashing the Safari browser

“Time out” error on news blog: hosted externally on wordpress, there’s nothing I can do about that. Sorry!

So far for the odds. Now the ends: as per 1 February, I’m on my own here. Unfortunately, first P. and now her hubby lost their jobs, and it goes without saying that securing the roof over their heads and paying the bills takes precedence over collecting news for a website. Thanks so much for everything, it’s been great fun doing this. I wish them all the best and hope they’ll both find a new job very, very soon.

I hope you guys won’t be disappointed as there will probably be fewer updates now and news won’t be posted as quickly as you’re used to. I’m up to my nose in work and life and don’t have as much time for this website as I’d like to, but I promise that I’ll try my best to keep “Ambarussa” running – it’s fun!

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