Reactions to “The Royal” news / Reviews for “The Brøken”

The news of the maybe-possibly-then-again-maybe-not-axing of “Heartbeat” and “The Royal” (still denied by ITV) didn’t go unnoticed. While ranging from “about time!” to “why do you have to cancel the last bit of lighthearted entertainment?”, comments all over the media were overwhelmingly negative, and ITV had to take a lot of flak for its rumoured future investment in reality TV rather than drama. One doesn’t have to like shows like Heartbeat, The Royal or The Bill to fear the TV monoculture this might announce. All quality aspects aside – for those working behind and in front of the camera, this could mean that their jobs are at risk. It could also mean loss of income for local businesses. And more reality shows will come at the cost of even fewer available jobs for actors.

Here are some links to comments; while the focus is on “Heartbeat” and “The Bill”, “The Royal” is mentioned as well, and the problems are the same for all shows.

Paul Mount’s World of Stuff: “ITV: Making a crisis out of its dramas…”
“(…) So let’s not rejoice at the passing of ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘The Royal’ because their going means more than just the killing-off of two rather twee dramas series – they’re emblematic of a greater, more insidious malaise which sits at the core of British broadcasting like a cancer. (…)”

Manchester Evening News (Ian Wylie): “The Heartbeat Fades”
“(…) Heartbeat and The Royal have been treated disgracefully in recent times. Ratings have gone down due to irregular scheduling on a Sunday evening. With the dramas being screened in short bursts, before inexplicable breaks in the series runs. It’s almost as if bosses have been plotting how to kill off two of British TV’s best loved shows. With a slow death the chosen option to avoid the full wrath of fans. (…)”

The Guardian (Gareth McLean): “Dark Days at Sun Hill”
“(…) Instead of investing in drama – nurturing writers, training and employing crew – ITV has lined the pockets of footballers. I’m not suggesting television should be run as a job creation scheme for producers, dolly grips and actors, but should a broadcaster such as ITV be feathering the nest of the likes of UEFA and the FA? (…)”

The Independent: Moors village in shock at loss of “Heartbeat”
“(…) Now a new fear is stalking this small community of honey-coloured cottages set high in the glorious heather landscape. A fear that the failure of Heartbeat to return to our screens could signal the death of the lucrative tourist trade that has grown up around the programme. (…)”

And now for something completely different… “The Brøken” is now in cinemas, and here are two (positive) reviews.

Review Radio Times

Review Shadows on the Wall

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