The Royal: Screencaps 7.9, “Busman’s Holiday”

“I’m Nick. You may trust me, I’m a doctor.”

“Doctor who?”

“No, that one’s working at a different hospital.”


Screencaps for episode 7.9, “Busman’s Holiday”

Information regarding future episodes of “The Royal”:

According to ITV1’s “The Royal” website, this was the last episode of season 7. Which it shouldn’t be, as there were 12 episodes scheduled, and this was episode 9. There was a preview for the “next episode”. Are those missing three episodes the ominous “specials” that have previously been mentioned on the website? What about season 8? And how does that show manage to survive with no promotion and an airing schedule obviously decided by a fortune teller reading the tea leaves in nurse McKaig’s cup?

We have no idea. Take life and episodes as they come, folks. But we can tell you that, for a limited time, you have the chance to catch up with the last four episodes of The Royal on the ITV1 website – just click here (only works if you live in the UK).

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