The Royal: 7.9: “Busman’s Holiday”


Mr Middleditch makes a surprise announcement on his birthday which causes an argument between Weatherill and Ormerod, but the celebrations are interrupted when a bus full of day-trippers crashes down a nearby bank. Susie bets Lizzie she will get Carnegie to ask her out, and Jack is given a fright when a body in the mortuary springs back to life.

For summary and preview, please click here. And according to Alison Graham, we can look forward to provocative munching of breadsticks.

4 Responses to “The Royal: 7.9: “Busman’s Holiday””

  1. sampaguitablue Says:

    Oh, thank goodness. I’ve been going through Doctor Who overload for the past week. Nice to have something to look forward to that’s NOT related to The Doctor.

  2. Daleks at The Royal would be fun, though!

  3. Kayleigh O'Hare Says:

    I SOOOOOO wish Damian O’Hare was still in The Royal. How did he leave it? I hope he quit instead of being killed :’.’.’.’.( xxx

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